Disrespecting your elders


Huge egos are not rare in showbiz. But few egos are bigger than his. Perhaps the personal and professional victories are starting to swell his head. Whatever the case, his behaviour is starting to raise eyebrows.

At an industry event last week, major players in attendance, old and new, veterans of the game and newcomers too, he was given a gift, presented to him by a recognized and very well respected elder in the business. It was supposed to be an honour, a guitar pick used by a living legend. But instead of treasuring it like anyone else would have, would you believe he flicked it on the ground and crushed it beneath his shoe??? The room was shocked into stillness. No wonder people find it so hard to believe he’s turned a new leaf. Clearly, he hasn’t.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Update (7/18/08):
Denial 1: Joaquin Phoenix & Keith Richards
Denial 2: Russell Crowe
Denial 3: Kanye West
Denial 4: Colin Farrell
Denial 5: Robert Downey Jr
reveal (in The Non-Marital Bed)

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