"Another on the Verge" revealed again


At the Awards Of The London Film Critics' Circle tonight in London – Sienna showing yet again that she’s super cute casual but totally assy on a carpet, probably not wearing Marchesa but unfortunately just as sh*t.

It’s the detailing around the shoulders and chest – looks like a Breast Sling. And so unflattering. What’s worse… it’s an older lady dress. With older lady hair and Pam Anderson makeup too. Definitely not her best effort.

Then again, she may be out of practice. As you know, Sienna has stayed away from the carpet circuit of late, without a project to promote and fully immersed in her relationship with Rhys Ifans, she has remained relatively scandal-free for, shockingly, several months.

Word is she’s also been spooked of late by the rash of drug-related tragedies hitting too close to home. Not too long ago, Sienna was supposedly deeply ensconced inside hard party circles and the men in her life, ranging from wannabe rockers to mogul rappers, all exerted a rather strong chemical influence with several almost catastrophic consequences.

As such, she’s apparently now resolved to rein it in. Hope that works out.

Friday, February 08, 2008 at 5:32:19 PM

"Good Help is Hard to Find," it's not...

Friday, February 8, 2008
PS. Jack Nicholson is not having trouble with the help. Neither is Toby Maguire. Or Sean Penn. Or Jake Gyllenhaal.

"Good Help is Hard to Find" guess


Monday night, after the Critics’ Choice Awards, several high profile celebrities headed to Shutters to celebrate including George Clooney, Javier Bardem WITH Penelope, Sean Penn, Eddie Vedder, dirty Benicio del Toro…and more.

Most were well behaved. But Emile Hirsch is a dickhead. More on that later.

George is still very thin. Debonair as ever but manorexic nonetheless. And there was no mention of Sarah Larsen. He spent a good hour deep in discussion with Marcia Gay Harden. Javier and Pene were openly affectionate, and not in a gaygay faghag kinda way. Are Pene’s bearding days behind her?

As for the recently announced soon to be divorced Sean Penn – he spent the entire evening with his bestie, Eddie Vedder, who made major contributions to the Into the Wild soundtrack. Sean and Eddie are so tight they even go to the loo together. Cute.

Catherine Keener was spotted gushing about her earrings which she purchased at Casey Affleck’s wife’s store Some Odd Rubies, co-owned by Summer Phoenix (Joaquin’s sister and married to Casey) and Odessa Whitmire who used to date Matt Damon who of course is best friends with Casey’s brother Ben. Get it?

And finally, Emile Hirsch, the critically acclaimed star of Into the Wild who, under Sean Penn’s tutelage, has now been elevated to the A List – young Emile Hirsch has apparently developed a healthy attitude problem. Boy is downright rude – perhaps he learned from his mentor?

Shutters is a hotel. Which means there are guests staying there. And the lobby/bar was full of civilian guests well before the celebrities made their unannounced arrival. When one of the guests tried to strike up a conversation with an admittedly lame opening line, Emile was overheard ungraciously shitting on her attempt:

Is that the best you can do? You’re pathetic.

Fortunately, karmic calamity smacked that little prick soon after when he went outside for a ciggie and returned only to realise that his table had bailed, leaving him with the bill. And karmic calamity will likely continue to fall.

Tobey Maguire and Elijah Wood. Now Emile Hirsch. Just sayin’…

Wednesday, January 09, 2008 at 7:41:47 AM

Good Help is Hard to Find
Thursday, February 07, 2008
PPPPS. Sean Penn is not looking for good help. Neither is Colin Farrell. Or P Diddy.

"A New Low" revealed again


Last week it was reported that my Kiki was all loopy and sh*t at Sundance – click here for the Kiki SOS article - now the ever reliable Star Magazine is breaking the exclusive that she’s been admitted to Le Cirque though it’s not known her particular poison. Her publicist also has yet to make a statement and no major outlets at press time have corroborated the story. Given that it’s Star, it’s probably prudent to believe with caution.

But as mentioned last week, Kiki has had her share of demons… and if rehab is the truth, hopefully the decision was a preventative one, and not the result of a new low.

Drugs in Hollywood… time to stop glossing it over, non?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008 at 4:15:27 PM
Wednesday, February 6, 2008
PPPS. Ryan Gosling is not having problems finding good help. Nor Leo. And not Three Whiskers Orlando Bloom either. Coke isn’t Clooney’s thing and Elijah Wood is too easy.

Good Help is Hard to Find


Celebrities don’t always have it easy, you know. As is the case with Britney Spears, a competent assistant is a valuable commodity, especially one who won’t sell you out and will still pick up your dirty undies.

But picking up panties is one thing… picking up your drugs is another matter entirely. What’s a highly regarded actor to do when he can’t pay someone to pick up his drugs??? Especially when he has such a voracious appetite?

Given recent events, you’d think he’d know better… and while I can certainly sympathise with a serious addict, how can you sympathise with someone who would rather compromise an employee than risk getting caught?

At least own your own sh*t, you know?

But it’s all about the image isn’t it? He is an acclaimed artist, who is involved and informed and aware, idolised by some for his impish good looks – a selfish junkie isn’t usually what comes to mind. Those in the industry however have surely seen him openly spread his blow all over the dinner table, at any given party, and put half of it into his brain. So brazen is he that he used to carry his stash on his body while travelling, tucked into a coat pocket, cavalierly going through security.

Over the last three months or so however he’s suddenly become a lot more paranoid. And so the task of transporting his happy across borders has rested on his personal assistants. It took her three carries before she finally put her foot down and refused. And got fired for it. The girl who took her place made it only once before quitting herself.

He’s still looking for a replacement.

Substance abuse is one thing. Allowing someone else to take the fall for your addiction is another. Selfish prick.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008 at 8:04:01 AM

Update (9/2/08):
denial 1: Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, George Clooney & Elijah Wood
denial 2: Sean Penn, Colin Farrell & Sean Combs (P Diddy)
denial 3: Jack Nicholson, Toby Maguire, Sean Penn & Jake Gyllenhaal
denial 4: Christian Bale & Jude Law
denial 5: James Franco
denial 6: John Cusack
denial 7: Justin Timberlake
denial 8: Josh Hartnett & Sting
denial 9: Jonathan Rhys Myers
denial 10: Jamie Foxx


Remember him? The unfaithful cheese dick who still hasn’t curbed his philandering in spite of scandal and who strayed a bit too far on the underage side recently? As of press time, the photo evidence has yet to come back to haunt him but you’ll be happy to know he’s since moved on, and he’s managed to stay away of late from cheating with 17 year olds.

Still… his particular proclivities remain: the insistence on a shower, the camera action, the drugs, the alcohol, and the acknowledgement that yes, he does have a girlfriend. Hence the resulting question from all of us – what is she doing? What is she thinking? Why is she sticking around???

Well, he says she knows. He says she knows and she doesn’t care. Because she’s doing the same thing. Apparently it’s allowed and it’s arranged. He cheats, she cheats, everyone’s happy, and somehow between them it works.

That’s his story, anyway. And I actually kinda believe him. Crew on the set of her latest are buzzing that she’s had at least 2 different euro cast members into her trailer for a little noon time nooky but tells everyone else that she “really, really loves” her boyfriend.

Monogamy is dead.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008 at 7:40:58 AM

Update (11/11/08):
reveal 1
reveal 2
reveal 3

Other parts in the "Cheese" series
Part 1: Cheese Cheats
Part 2: Cheater Uninterrupted
Tuesday, February 05, 2008
PS. Just As She Is: not about Kevin Bacon or Harrison Ford or Ben Affleck who doesn’t exactly qualify as non-scandalous.

"Just As She Is," it's not...

Monday, February 04, 2008
PPPPS. Just As She Is is not about Eric Bana. Not Tom Selleck. Not Ashton Kutcher. Not Eric Dane. Not Matthew Broderick.

"Holiday Detox" clue


Liv Tyler and Kate Moss last night with matching fringe in contrasting black and white attending the 7th on Sale Gala.

Oddly enough, neither is particularly well dressed but Kate does look remarkably improved since ending her Crack Love, non?

Stil… Crack Love is forever. Probably only a matter of time.

As for her friendship with Liv, well they may have more in common than modeling and dating rockers, though I hate to believe it.

Friday, November 16, 2007

it’s not Tara. It’s not Angelina (would I EVER say Angelina is unattractive???), it’s not Paris Hilton, and it’s not Lindsay Lohan.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Oh tortured artist. Oh poet. Oh suffering soul. Oh dirty cheater!

Words to describe Ethan Hawke a few years ago and now following in those illustrious unfaithful footsteps – Ryan Phillippe.

Ryan of course is now officially divorced from Reese Witherspoon who like a proper lady is only now flaunting her relationship with Jakey G because she’s formally a single a woman – the papers went through just a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile Ryan is pulling out the sympathy card to score some more ass. In a new interview with UK Magazine Man About Town, Ryan discusses his state of mind post split:

“After the divorce, I was a physical wreck. I wanted to die. I was ready to kill myself. I was not taking care of myself at all. I would wake up and cry and vomit.”

Bet your concrete tits there will be a twat on every corner waiting to console him. But console him for what??? Console him for infidelity? For randomly f&cking any piece he could get his jock on on location? Please. Do women really fall for this sh*t?

Unfortunately es… they do.

And they always fall for the “artist” too. Just ask Ethan Hawke. He’s a great actor, he’s an embarrassingly cheesy writer. And still he’s published some sort of erotic lame shit probably for the single purpose of scoring more p*ssy…

Similarly, I hear Ryan’s modus operandi is poetic text messaging – booty call requests couched in an electronic love note written in a language like so:

The need to
Be near you
Consumes me

Ryan is so Rossum, non?

And Ryan is so principled too. You see, a true artist, an artist capable of such moving prose, would never ever compromise his artistic integrity for the sake of turning a dollar. Which is why in the same article, he calls out Catherine Zeta Jones for pitching T-Mobile:

"When I see her in a movie it’s hard to disassociate (her movies from her commercials).”

Whatever. I’ll take an endorsement over a philanderer any day. And that Carb Face won’t be cute for much longer either.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I don't care for Kevin Costner. If I wanted to worship an arrogant, massage perv, chronic philanderer - I'm more than happy to focus on Ryan Phillippe. But even though the Postman puts me into a disinterested coma on the best of days, I probably will see The Guardian only for Ashton Kutcher. Because if the trailer is any indication, Mr Moore delivers a loin quiveringly explosive performance that is easy on the eyes, hard on the thighs, and blessedly short on facial pubes - a look he's been inexplicably rocking for reasons unbeknownst to anyone but his preternaturally preserved wife. Trust me, gossips. Ashton in uniform is a sight to behold.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I don't know where this originated but many of you emailed me last week saying you heard on the radio that Fergie is pregnant with Josh's kid. I have no definitive information on whether or not he managed to keep from puking long enough to fertilise her moldy womb but if you really want to bump hunt, photos from her performance at MSG this weekend certainly don't support the baby theory. And neither does her behaviour of late. Especially in public.

Following the Juno Awards in Halifax a couple of weeks ago, I think I received emails from everyone in Eastern Canada, swearing up and down that Miss Mangle Face could barely string together a sentence, let alone stand up and drag herself on and off stage. The buzz is loud and apparently it's lots of alcohol and lots of much much more…probably not a good idea for someone with her addictive past. And while I certainly wouldn't put it past a rock star to indulge even while knocked up, something tells me she probably wouldn't have intended to stay in that delicate condition for long anyway.

Poor thing must be running from some serious demons, aside from the ones on her face. Thank Goddess for Josh though. Because never mind the onstage incontinence and backstage junkie monkey business…can you imagine how much worse off she'd be if he actually left her? Damn. If she wasn't so revolting, I'd almost think it was quite romantic.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

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