"Experimenting with Friends" clue


This has been bothering me for years. See attached of Julia Stiles at the Cavalli event tonight in NYC. I confess. I've seen almost all her movies. Yes. I'm a total sucker for high school teenybopper flicks. Love 'em. And since she happens to specialise in that particular genre, she's been nearly impossible to avoid. But have you noticed that in every film she makes, there is like zero chemistry between her and the male lead? I couldn't put my finger on it til tonight...when I came across this photo of Ms. Stiles, wearing a Cavalli, and looking about as sexy as a telephone pole. Now if Cavalli can't make you look vavoom...you have a serious problem. That's right gossips. In my humble opinion (in case I get the g-string sued off me) Julia Stiles belongs to the Cameron Diaz club of double genitalia. Check out the almost non existent cleave, the awkward pose, the manly jaw. And ask yourself this. Have you ever heard a guy say...'Man, that Julia Stiles is SO hot'??? There. I rest my case.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004
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