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JLo is free

Jennifer Lopez spent the weekend in Miami, part of it luxuriating on a yacht in a bikini, ready for the next after formally announcing her divorce from Marc Anthony. It's freedom. And relief. And, for us, it's as you've all been agreeing, very good for gossip. This is the most you've cared about her in years.

Comic-Con is a great place to catch up on gossip with sources and compare stories. And at Comic-Con everyone agreed on two things: Justin Timberlake is a twat, and Marc Anthony was not kind to his wife; bitter with insecurity and paranoia, stressed by financial anxiety, and frustrated with the fact that he didn't marry a woman who was content to be quiet and sit by his side, a trophy with a legendary ass.

Marc wanted JLo for a long time. When she finally accepted his advances, he tried to own her. And she was down with that...until she remembered that's not how she was built.

By all accounts she is happy to be without him. And while for the sake of their children they'll try to keep it civil, she also doesn't mind it if the people around her start talking. Loudly. Not just because this is the game she plays but also because she knows she's coming out of her third marriage, she's aware of the reputation, and for whatever reason she wants people to know that it's not that she didn't try, or that she was frivolous about the decisions leading up to and during and after their marriage, but because the marriage became totally unworkable for her, or anybody, regardless of celebrity. Craftily too, she wants women to be able to identify with what's she coming out of, without actually stepping up herself to name what it is.

Since January, when Idol made her relevant again, JLo's career has been on an upward trajectory. It has been boosted undoubtedly by the split, but in order to sustain that, she cannot be seen as a 40-something year old woman who was simply bored by her husband and looking for a younger celebrity boyfriend. Yes it will be super smutty and intriguing to follow what her dating situation is going to be now. But equally as smutty and intriguing will be observing the management of the Freedom of the JLo. We're seeing the beginning of the rollout now.

Ps. How can you see JLo on a boat and not think of Ben?


I was just trying to turn the ass-touching part from Jenny From The Block into a gif stumbled across this fan video instead. Behind the scenes when they were shooting. Bennifer. Like, all over each other.



Monday, July 25, 2011 at 11:37 AM

a Friend's Couch

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