"New Bitch Unwelcome" clue


Shit…now here’s a shocker. A sweetheart not so much???

Received an email from the lovely AC in Texas:

Hi Lainey!

Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo were at a very nice restaurant in South Lake, Texas recently. Tony was a charmer and Carrie was a complete and total BITCH! Neither Please nor Thank You ever came out of her mouth! My friend was refilling water when an older lady came by and asked Carrie for an autograph and Carrie barked at her and told her to go away. After the meal was over and they were leaving, my friend asked Tony for his autograph bc her little sister is obsessed. Tony of course happily obliged asking the sisters name and age. Carrie threw a fit and started interrogating Tony questioning why he needed to know her age, finally storming out with him following her. I was born and raised in Dallas, and honey I have the best manners…maybe they don’t teach you that in Oklahoma, but maybe the bitch needs some lessons from Kelly Clarkson!


Maybe she’s not really that bad? Girl’s been looking kinda little – not eating can make you grumpy.

Could eating be the cure for the raging attitude?

I think yes.

Friday, January 19, 2007

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