"Dating a Douche" clue


Hayden Christensen – not the first time I’ve heard he hates his teen beat pin-up status. Poor Hayden. Being famous and all, with a career supported by female fans willing to throw money at anything he puts out there no matter how shit it is – at times it’s really too much, you know? At times it really sucks to be Hayden Christensen. Please feel sorry for Hayden, ‘k?

At the risk of waking the psychotic monster that is the Hayden fanbase, here’s a sighting sent in by a LaineyGossip.com reader who was crushed the other day when rebuked by Hayden, to the point of tears. Rachel Bilson however is the loveliest, sweetest thing.

Friday, August 31, 2007 at 9:21:28 AM

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