"The Belle from Hell," it's not...


She is not Julia Roberts. Julia might be doing the arty thing on Broadway these days but I'd say she still owns showbiz the way few actresses can. Besides, Julia is a mega movie star. Unlike Ms Belle who has never been and will never be. Oddly enough, they do have something in common - with one multiple difference.

Kim Basinger? Great guess but off target. Much less marital drama, minus the egomaniacal partner.
Belle is also not Sarah Ferguson, former wife of one of those royals, I can never tell them apart but the fellow who looks much more immunised and robust than the other limp-ish sickly one. Anyway, you're looking for someone on the other side of the pond.

And finally, you can cross out Ashley Judd, although Ashley’s certainly not a stranger to the bossy game, is she? I won't gloat here but I'm tempted. Stay here though…you’re warm.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

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