"Keeping it Legal," it's not...

Friday, May 02, 2008
PS. Keeping it Legal is not Ryan Phillippe.

"Keeping it Legal" clue


Earth Day is tomorrow and yesterday in Washington, at a rally at the National Mall, Edward Norton delivered a speech about going green looking hotter than he has in a long time. Yum.

Green seems to be his favourite colour these days. Ed wrote the screenplay for and starred in the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie due out this summer and word is he’s been a major pain in the ass with rewrites and edits, so much so that Marvel allegedly is starting to leak that he’s a difficult diva perfectionist who thinks his own vision is superior to the director’s.

If true, it’s not the first time he’s battled with the studios. A few years ago, he and Paramount went head to head also over his artistic demands and Ed is said to be brutally stubborn over creative differences. Kinda love him for that.
But back to Earth Day… for parents and teachers looking for creative and educational ways to engage yours kids in earth awareness – check out the award winning Who Is Nobody program and get involved. Tomorrow is a good time to start!

Monday, April 21, 2008 at 6:56 AM

I love how often the self righteous, artistic ones are always end up being the douchiest and the perviest.

The backstory:

Several years ago, while dating a high profile, fiery actress, he was on location shooting a movie and found himself one night at a local bar. A young hot thing approached, they flirted, they made the call, and pretty soon she was telling her friends she was heading home with the star, protected by both his bodyguards and a personal driver.

So they get back to his place, start making out, she services him with her mouth, and tries to get him to return the favour, at which point he balks and then, no longer blinded by arousal, finally gets around to asking her:

"Are you really 19?"

Well of course she wasn’t 19. She was actually only 16. And when her guilty face confirmed it for him, he quickly called her a cab and sent her home, not offering to pay for her cab. He did however offer to pay for the silence.

His security detail and the chauffeur, all of whom were witnesses to his tryst with the teen, were compensated handsomely for their discretion. They were so trustworthy that he wanted to use their services again when he returned to town for a new project recently. Unfortunately the same team wasn’t entirely intact.

So instead, now single, he went to great lengths to secure a very capable staff to make sure he didn’t find himself in the kind of icky underage situation as last time. Was like having a personal assistant for the express purpose of getting him head and occasionally laid. Only he was strict about wanting it from “real” girls and not from professionals. Every few days or so, his people had to scour the city looking a girl he could spend a short time with. They’d all start off at a group dinner, and by the end of the night, he’d end up sated at place. A few girls were lucky enough for repeats but effort on his part was never forthcoming.

Still… at the very least… he kept it legal.

Thursday, May 01, 2008 at 9:38 AM

Update (9/10/08):

denial 1: Ryan Phillippe
denial 2: Vince Vaughn & Michael Buble

reveal 1
reveal 2

Thursday, May 01, 2008
PS. Johnny Knoxville is not gay but broke. Don’t forget, it was Johnny who taught Jessica Simpson about her favourite number.

"Short and Blind," it's not...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
PS. Blake Lively is not twitching for coke in between takes.

"Gay but Broke," it's not...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008
PPS. Jerry O’Connell is not gay but broke.
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
PS. A Bitch To Work Forpx is not Heidi Klum or Gwen Stefani.

Three years ago, David and Victoria mounted a full scale American assault. They aligned themselves with Damon Dash, they appeared in white D&G at the MTV Movie Awards, they went shopping, they bolstered the US economy, they kissed Anna Wintour’s ass, and still they were dealt a crushing defeat. Because unlike the rest of the world, America didn’t care.

In many ways (at least in my opinion), the Beckhams’ Waterloo signalled the beginning of the darkest days of their marriage. The trade to Real Madrid happened that summer and, as we all know now, Victoria’s reluctance to move immediately to Spain opened the infidelity gates, through which walked Rebecca Loos and every other available, horny woman within a 50 mile radius. As a result, the famous Beckham foundation was rocked to its core and repairing the façade has been so painstaking a process, many believe a complete public restoration is probably impossible.

In light of such negative historical precedent, can you blame me for feeling a little panicked over the recent TMZ report of a potential stateside move? Apparently there’s some talk of negotiations with the LA Galaxy and even though David’s approaching the twilight of his career, many think his presence on the US football circuit will boost national popularity of the sport, not to mention lucrative merchandising opportunities for the team and for the league - kinda like when Wayne went to the Kings.

For what it’s worth, my sources say a move within the next 18 months is highly unlikely. First of all, there are the childcare issues. Victoria relies heavily on her parents to mind the boys and while living in Spain is one thing, a cross Atlantic move is another matter entirely – something the Adams family might not be so open to.

Next up – David isn’t exactly a detriment to his current squad. In fact, sales of his jersey are usually tops for the team and the worldwide of appeal of Real Madrid has been undeniably enhanced by his participation. Given that he can still play reasonably well, all things considered, soccer’s most well bankrolled superteam probably isn’t going to let him go so easily.

Finally, I’m told Victoria is in no mood to shake up what seems to be a return to idyllic times, especially now that David is finally willing to give #4 another go. Things are terrific, and as you can see from these photos of the two enjoying the last moments of their summer holiday, the Beckhams’ emotional and physical engines are currently purring at high performance levels.

Check it out, gossips – can you believe Posh is actually smiling…and READING???

My favourites though are the airport shots. Everything, from her hair to HIS hair (love it!) to the outfits (look at her shoes!!!) and their signature hand in hand walking pose – everything is perfection and practise. There’s something to be said for unapologetic effort, you know? Like any high end product, the Beckhams are a thoroughly crafted brand, with the kind of precision detailing and choreography that we just don’t see any more in this modern age of celebrity.

Goddess save the Beckhams! Posh & Becks fuh-evah!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


If they made it through his ‘98 red card and her solo singing attempt and Rebecca Loos and Esther Canadas and Sarah Marbeck and a masseuse and a nanny and countless other faceless, nameless encounters – does this mean they can make it through anything?

Pray Goddess, let it be so.

Like a heavyweight against the ropes, the Beckhams continue to defy the gossip. All those pre-World Cup reports - that he couldn’t stand her, that he doesn’t look at her the same way anymore, that he’d leave her as soon as they the tournament was over – all of it, of course, is now forgotten. Because as you can see from these photos taken during the Italian leg of their neverending summer holiday, Vicky and David are just fine. In fact, I’m told they are MORE than fine. They are happier than they have been in years. And yes, it certainly didn’t hurt that the cameras were around to capture it.

So you’ve heard the buzz, right? That Victoria is hellbent on bringing a new Beckham into the world in 2007? Just 6 months ago, David apparently wasn’t onside with that plan. Cut to present day and it’s definitely a new attitude, a complete turnaround for him, a sincere eagerness to try for a fourth, and the effect it’s having on HER is fantastic. Word is, she’s even eating…a little. Still crazier is that people who’ve seen them have told me that she seems a tad, teensy, weensy, smidge less close to dying of starvation. And if her ass is any indication – I think I believe them. Not as bony as you thought, is it?

Anyway, take a look at the happy Beckhams: she in a one piece (do you love that she doesn’t wear bikinis?) and he with flamey shades, a shorter do, and - Sweetmotherofgoddess - tighty little euro trunks.

Shall I give you a sec to catch your breath and still your loins?

Monday, July 24, 2006


"She Can't Finish," it's not...


Don't bother with:

Tara Reid, Paris Hilton, or Kimberly Stewart

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Monday, April 28, 2008

PS. Kelly Ripa isn’t a cow as a boss. It’s not about Victoria Beckham either.



So I showed him these photos and you know what he said? He asked me if that was 'Miranda lesbo's' girlfriend. And by that of course he meant Cynthia Nixon. I know, I know. He's a total pig. But I confess..I had to laugh.

The thing is - he does have a point. I haven't felt a straight vibe from Julia Stiles for a long time now. And when you think about it, I guess that explains a lot.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This has been bothering me for years. See attached of Julia Stiles at the Cavalli event tonight in NYC. I confess. I've seen almost all her movies. Yes. I'm a total sucker for high school teenybopper flicks. Love 'em. And since she happens to specialise in that particular genre, she's been nearly impossible to avoid. But have you noticed that in every film she makes, there is like zero chemistry between her and the male lead? I couldn't put my finger on it til tonight...when I came across this photo of Ms. Stiles, wearing a Cavalli, and looking about as sexy as a telephone pole. Now if Cavalli can't make you look vavoom...you have a serious problem. That's right gossips. In my humble opinion (in case I get the g-string sued off me) Julia Stiles belongs to the Cameron Diaz club of double genitalia. Check out the almost non existent cleave, the awkward pose, the manly jaw. And ask yourself this. Have you ever heard a guy say...'Man, that Julia Stiles is SO hot'??? There. I rest my case.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004