"A New Low" clue


All previous blind items are closed, but as you read last week, pay attention. At one point or another, I always spill it somewhere else.

As you know from previous teaser subjects, sleeping with a member of the crew isn’t exactly a rare occurrence. Begging for it like our skank bitch did last week is probably unique. But trust me when I tell you, mingling with the commoners is actually par for the dance floor. Which is what this superstar did a couple of years ago on the set of one of her biggest vehicles. He was her booty call, her go to guy. And he was smitten, totally thought it would last past filming, until he found out afterwards that she was doin’ 2 other dudes simultaneously. Damn. That’s quite an appetite.

However, one should never forget their down home manners, which is why she compensates for her promiscuity by lavishing this ex boytoy with $1,000 worth of clothing every Christmas, as a thank you for past services rendered. And now that she’s free to roam, perhaps she’ll renew their previous dalliance. I’ll keep you posted.

One guess for this one, but there won’t be a follow up clue. And there are A LOT of hints in this one. So use them wisely.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

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