The Celine experience

The happy girl blind item is now closed. Sorry – but we gotta move on.

He’s made some mistakes in the last couple of years and he has suffered the consequences. Despite all this, it didn’t seem like he was going to slow down… until perhaps just recently. You see, he is insatiable and while I personally don’t understand his appeal, this guy has no trouble gettin’ some. And he has gotten a LOT, over and over and over again.

Two weeks ago he was hangin’ out at a bar/lounge when a new inspiration caught his eye. As usual, he had her where he wanted her without much effort. One thing led to another, they left, they found some privacy, and they were about to really get going when he realized – how cliché, I know – that the “she” was not really a “she”, just a much better looking tranny than Celine Dion…and it just so happens that our guy is one of the few people left in town who really doesn’t switch at all. A few awkward moments later, he was alone again, and hasn’t picked up since.

Who is he? One guess. No clues. Good luck.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

His Celine experience continued

Still determined to find meaning in his life after his rather jarring tranny encounter, our man is trying out some new hobbies and cutting out some bad habits. The problem is - being good is boring when you're a movie star. And for someone who has precious few friends, this kind of life can get pretty lonely. Thank Goddess for the Internet and the wicked ways we can communicate electronically. Needless to say, his laptop is his new best friend. And since some say he has a way with words, there are many, many cyber sluts out there who've been getting lucky of late.

Last clue: it's not Charlie Sheen. I'm shutting him down on the weekend so you have one more guess. Good luck.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Update (5/6/08):
denial: Charlie Sheen

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