So insecure

She’s beautiful. Her body is tight. And while she’ll likely never win an Oscar, she does have promising career prospects. But not if she keeps up the diva behaviour. Our young star refuses to work, refuses to talk, refuses to co-operate if there is anyone on the set – from the caterer to the seamstress to the makeup artist – anyone who she perceives as better looking as she is. Which is also another reason why she usually surrounds herself with male companionship and has trouble bonding with the opposite sex. Now this isn’t exactly unique behaviour, but this time our girl has taken it so far that she’s pissed off the wrong person. As in a senior studio executive’s daughter who happened to drop by the set to visit a friend one day. After a massive hissy fit, she demanded that the girl be banned from the set forever, and almost got kicked off the movie until her agent intervened. After a tearful apology she got her job back, but needless to say, her reputation has taken a serious hit. Who is she?

Feel free to email me with hint requests but please know that I can’t reveal too much on this one. You’ll have to work with the limited info give you. Good luck!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Update (2/20/08):

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