• Subjects of the blinds are identified by name in the labels.
  • If "unconfirmed" or "unknown" is visible in the labels, then the name listed is the best guess.
  • The clues, denials ("nots"/"it's not") and reveals are linked at the bottom of the original blind in blue.
  • Some, not all, clue, denial ("not") and reveal posts link back to the original blind post.
  • Generally, a blind will have up to 4 reveals even though Lainey may have posted more. Blinds that have more than 4 reveals do so to make it clear who the subject is.
  • Dates in green are from Lainey's posts.

From Lainey's site:
What is a blind riddle? How do I find the answers?
Gossip columnists use blind items to report scandalous, dirty smut without the threat of a lawsuit. My riddles contain clues pointing to the celebrity in question and follow up clues are usually embedded elsewhere in subsequent columns which means you have to read every word. As irritating as that is though, once you find the embedded detail, it pretty much gives away the answer. Unfortunately, I am not able to answer guesses via email. Please forgive…would be happy to spill in person!

Disclaimer: This blog is in no way affiliated with This is just one person's opinion of who the subjects are of the "blind items" (aka smutty riddles) mentioned at I (Barda Free) am not Elaine "Lainey" Lui.