"Ladies’ Room Encounter with That Girl" reveal 2


These are the first shots of Scarlett Johansson since it was revealed that she and that guy we can all forget about now are over. Page Six had a story the other day about how Scarjo’s been spending her time as a single. Apparently she was hanging out with that gross artist Domingo who’s also friends with Lindsay Lohan. I’ll assume that that dude wouldn’t leave her alone and she wouldn’t voluntarily lower herself to some shady Lohan association. As for Sam Rockwell...

I mean who wouldn’t be attracted to Sam Rockwell...

But is it possible?

Rockwell has been dating Leslie Bibb for a long time. She showed up to the Seven Psychopaths premiere last week - in a GREAT outfit I’m sad I didn’t notice it at the time - so is it safe to assume they’re still solid ...and that Scarjo and Sam partying together was totally innocent? I hope so ...and that would require believing that Scarjo plays well with girls. Leslie Bibb doesn’t seem like she’d deal well with girls who don’t play well with girls.

October 18, 2012 at 9:41 AM

Ladies’ Room Encounter with That Girl

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