"The parent at the party with strangers" clue 1


Surprise! Scarlett Johansson can freestyle. Kind of.

Scarlett Johansson surprised everyone with an unannounced appearance at the Vice 20 party in Brooklyn over the weekend. She wasn’t on the lineup, but Jonah Hill was…

…and he sang a cover of Drake’s track Marvin’s Room…

But Scarjo?

Rocked the mic with who else but Ghostface Killah. Yes, really.

She sang New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle. This isn’t new, the singing. She recorded an album of Tom Waits covers before she was 24. Except, now she’s 30, and rocking out at the Vice show. And the only “brand” cooler than that party is Scarlett herself.

Here she is, all chill and sexy, swinging around her leather bomber jacket:

And wearing her signature smirk while posing with Spike Jonze:


Yes, this is clearly the same Scarlett who kept her wedding under wraps, and is doing some awards season shilling for her friend Eddie Redmayne. Except… What she’s really doing is building the buzz. What’s next? Scarjo’s about to start shooting Hail, Caesar! with Clooney and Channing. Without having to trade on the “mom” identity.

December 8, 2014 at 2:16 PM

The parent at the party with strangers

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