"Sick Week" reveal #3


Megan Fox’s pretend face

Megan Fox has been working. She has not been famewhoring, she has not been pap-baiting, and as far as celebrity famewhoring pap-baiting offenders go, she’s actually not the worst. You’ll note, it is possible to go long stretches without seeing Megan Fox “candids”. And it’s IMpossible to go long stretches without seeing Alba/Biel “candids”. So no, while she may be irritating when she opens her mouth, Fox isn’t high on the list of hate. Maybe the middle third. Sound fair?

Having said that, if she says she hasn’t worked on her face, I say she’s full of sh-t.

Megan’s on again off again fiancé Brian Austin Green took first place at the Toyota Celebrity Pro Race at the Long Beach Grand Prix on Saturday. She was there to cheer him on. See? Look at her. It doesn’t look real does it? It’s like a pretend face. Like some random bitch holding a sign in front of her head from a cutout magazine. It’s freaking me out.

Megan will next be seen in the upcoming Jonah Hex due out on June 18th. Which is soon. And there still hasn’t been a trailer. And there’s also buzz that there may be post-production problems. Could Jonah Hex be the bomb of the box office this summer?

Monday, April 19, 2010 at 9:32

Sick Week