There's hope

We’ve been lamenting his relationship for a long time. He deserves so much more, doncha think? Well, it would appear that he’s not as deaf, dumb or as blind as we thought. Because when she’s away, he’s got a steady cycle of extras willing to fill the void. We are talking gorgeous honeys, eager to please, at any time of day or night, they are there at the snap of his fingers – even for literally 5 minutes when some technical adjustments need to be made on the set. These service girls are so devoted that they don’t miss a beat, even during unscheduled interruptions.

Last week, while our man is getting is his quickie special with a lovely companion on her knees, his cell phone went off with “her” calling to check in. Needless to say, he displayed some superior acting skills, even gained some brownie points before deftly extricating himself from the conversation – all while enjoying the pleasures down below.

You know the drill. One guess. Good luck. And all the past items are now closed.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hope Diminished

You already know he can multi-task with the best of ‘em. And of course he can lie like nobody’s business. But did you also know that he can justify himself out of a paper bag? Apparently, straight up fellating doesn’t count as infidelity. Which is how he can speak to his other half without a trace of guilt. Unfortunately for us, it turns out he’s also quite content with these arrangements. And who can blame him? So I’m sorry to have to give you this latebreaking update: He and his lady are staying together for now. Yet another reason to mourn.

One more guess. Good luck.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hope Glimmers

Latebreaking news this afternoon - there is cause for optimism.

Apparently our man's reach is getting quite ambitious and his flings are starting to talk…to each other. Interestingly enough, they have united against a common enemy: the significant other. Cue a few a strategically placed moans while he's on the phone and a longing glance or two in the presence of well known blabbermouths and yes, you guessed it... His official woman has her suspicions. And it is getting ugly!

As always, I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Update (7/11/08):

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