Drugs, drugs everywhere


Two subjects. Unrelated. Except for the narcotics.

The first: A frequent riddle offender, the girl who never knows the ending, isn't hiding her vices very well. Messed up beyond belief at a recent industry event, she was barely coherent behind the scenes, and when a young fan came up - the daughter of a connected executive - for a pre arranged meet and greet, the child was rudely pushed aside as the trainwreck rushed to the ladies', unable to hold her liquor after using all that smack. Now that part is common knowledge. The not so well known detail is why the boyfriend remains by her side. Because while he's not exactly faithful in body, he's still very faithful in spirit. The reason? Pity, gossips. Plain old pity. He can't leave her because he's feels sorry for her. And until he figures out how to get her rehabbed, he's not going anywhere. Now isn't that sweet?

The second: Promising actor was pretty squeaky clean and low key. Didn't party, hadn't slept with Paris Hilton, surprisingly private private life (relatively speaking) until he met her. Along with the notoriety came a newfound passion for blow. . But what started out as recreation has become something much more alarming. And people are starting to talk. First of all, he looks like crap. Second, he's starting to search in some seedy places when he's jonesing. Now buying from a dealer in any other city is one thing. But buying from a dealer in Hollywood is something else altogether. Because they supply everyone, from your regular joe and jane non-celebrity to your garden variety studio vp, with anything from 'happy' to 'information'. Usually not a problem in this town but probably not the best thing to do considering the collective maturity of his fanbase, know what I mean? Image is money. And money is everything to the real power players in Hollywood.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Update (7/11/08):
subject 1 revealed
subject 2 clue

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