"Disrespecting your elders" clue


Me and the girls love, love, love your column. Doesn’t matter if you hate the celebs we love or love the celebs we hate…it gets us through the day, ya know? So as a woman that lives and breathes country music…I thought I’d defend our Keith. I can’t believe Cowtown hasn’t said anything! I get what you’re saying with the lips, girly highlights, and maybe gaybe status…but if you saw this guy in person or sat through one of concerts you would change your mind, I swear. He is hawt, hawt, HAWT. Maybe it’s the accent…or the way he plays guitar…but I’d find my way on his tour bus after a show…know what I’m sayin’? We’d be willing to send you the Live DVD to prove it to you. Want it?

Dear Danya,

Ok. Send it to me. I'll keep my mind and even my thighs open. But don't expect miracles. I'm a fickle bitch. And it takes a lot to get me past little men who spend more time coiffing than I do.

Sunday, February 26, 2006
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