"Abuses the help" and "Gaydar interrupted," it's not...


I am guessing SJP as the dirty girl who ashes around the house and drives the help to reach for the booze. Oui ou Non? As for one half of the gaydar duo my guess is Russell Crowe. He is one dude who flies off the handle at anything and I think its because he can't figure out what to do about how much he luvs the back end…

Dear Liz,

Still chuckling about the back end. Love it! Unfortunately you're way off on both counts. Much as I can't stand her baby voice and boil, SJP likens herself a real lady. Please and thank you and Sir and Ma'am all the way. The abuser however has surprisingly less etiquette than you'd think, especially for someone groomed in that fashion. As for Russell. No, no, no. If someone with a penis hit on Russell, he wouldn't just tell a publicist about it, he's beat the bitch down with a cell phone! Think of someone less inclined for violence, more peace loving, in every sense of the word.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
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