He's the Master


Take your time before you email me. It’s a tough one and I’m not giving it up easily. One guess, so think it through. Good luck!

Eccentric. Not too tall. Balding. And very particular about how his wife behaves. Equality apparently doesn’t exist in this marriage. At least not in the way you would expect. Spouse, slave, sex object, servant…she does it all. And we are almost talking dark ages. She washes his feet, she cuts his toenails, and she gives pleasure whenever she is beckoned. And I mean whenever, wherever.

A business meeting at a nice restaurant. He’s getting a bit tense. Things aren’t necessarily going his way. He gives his wife a look, gets up to go the john, she joins him a few minutes later. By the end of the bathroom visit, he’s relieved, she needs mouthwash, and we proceed like nothing ever happened. Except it happens all the time. So who’s the master?

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Apparently, y’all love the Master. I’m closing this one after this column so think about it before you email me. One guess!

Now that you know about his extreme demands, it should be of no surprise why his past relationships went up in smoke. Flashback nearly 10 years ago with the love of his life at the time. Poor thing realised too late that she was expected to dance nekked on a whim, perfect the art of mobile fellatio, and pretend to be interested when the Master woke up in the middle of night with a tumescent member that could only be satisfied with not one but 2 other participants.

So again, who’s the Master???

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Update (9/3/08):
reveal 1
reveal 2

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