Self improvement

A bonus blind from me to you as a token of my appreciation for only putting out 2 columns this week. Enjoy!
She's an aging superstar, probably well past the pinnacle of her success. And while she still has potential, she can't seem to accept her age. In her mind, the mature face just doesn't work as well as the younger one. So, as most stars do, she went for an enhancement. Several enhancements actually. Which did not go over well at all. But even though everyone keeps urging her to let her natural older beauty take over and even though she knows they're right, she's having a hard time controlling her self improvement urges. Sad thing is - her obsession is slowly isolating her from everyone in her life. Looks like the notorious Cat Woman (Jocelyn Wildenstein) isn't the only one addicted to her plastic surgeon…

And it's NOT Melanie Griffith.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Denial: Melanie Griffith
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