Ethics in plastic surgery

She reigns supreme in her own circle, an easy target among the rest…and probably deservedly so. Given the year she’s had, one would expect her to have learned from her mistakes, and focus more on her talent than her other titillating physical features. However, our girl is truly a daughter of the business, and I suppose in this town, it’s never a bad thing to start early. Which is why she’s no virgin to surgical enhancement, several times over.

A curious thing happened recently though. She went back to her usual doctor and all of a sudden he grew a conscience, refusing to perform some routine maintenance work around the face. (eyes, lips, and neck if you’re interested) As you can imagine, she completely lost it. “How do expect me to do my job??? Can’t you see I look tired? Can’t you see how they’re photographing me???” But he still wouldn’t budge. And so she cried a few tears, called some friends, got a brand new referral, and was back in a new chair in 2 days. Hollywood is nothing if not an efficient town.

One guess. Good luck.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ethical Consequences

The problem with the new doc is that his work isn't of the same standard. Which is why some astute watchers have already seen the difference. I personally think the recent enhancements look good. No, they're not entirely subtle, but given what I've seen in the past, I'd say it ain't half bad.

One more guess. You have until Thursday, and then I'm packin' her in.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Update (3/1/08):

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