"Matching cheekbones, matching blow" clue


So there's chiseled and then there's just Marc Anthony. And in his case, I'm afraid we're leaning toward the vampire variety. Here are Keira and her boyfriend, Rupert the-guy-who-was-in-Pride-&-Prejudice-with-her-and-I-don't-care-enough-to-remember-his-name, out for an evening of boozing in London the other night. Here they are again on a casual stroll the same weekend. Although I'm assuming it's the same dude, he seems really really different in the daylight shots. Hideously so. Like 70s porn star player pimp. Yeah - I'd totally do him.

Anyway, I hear they are completely taken with each other. And that she can barely stand to be away from him. I also hear that they like to indulge. And what else do you think rich famous 20 year olds like to indulge in? Thing is - Keira seems to be able to hold her sh*t together in spite of the wildness. Unlike my girl Lindsay who looks a year older every time she nails a new guy.

As for Keira's club ensemble? I'm all over the 80s and hey - I can even accept the granny jumper/leotard thing because there's something about being young in London that gives you carte blanche to experiment. But I draw the line at tights and open toe shoes. Quite possibly The.Most.Unforgiveable fashion crime known to women and gays everywhere. Bad form Keira. Bad form.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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