"Gaydar interrupted" and "Clinging to love," it's not...


i have a guess to clinging to love. is it horse face and matthew broderick?? also gaydar guess. i emailed about a week ago guessing colin farrel. now i'm guessing wilmer valderama. am i close?? when are you going to let us know?? i spend too much time thinking about these things during the day.

Dear Theodora,

Definitely not Dandy Pants and the big ass witch boil he calls his wife. Mr. Insensitive has certainly been pretty but going in to Matthew's territory is another matter entirely. As for Colin and Wilmer. No and no. Colin is much too Miami these days to qualify and Wilmer, while b-list at best, has oddly enough never to my knowledge been the subject of any gay rumours.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

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