"Cheap & Crafty," it's not...

Dear Gossips,

How could you?

My Gwyneth is absolutely NOT Cheap & Crafty. Please! Gwynnie is the queen of thank you notes: at the tender age of 3, Apple Martin already has her own monogrammed stationary so no, no, no…my Gwyneth would never stinge out her staff. She would however do the complete and nauseating opposite. Which would be to tip and treat them so well and throw it back into the faces of all her friends who can’t match her generosity. This is how Gwyneth makes people feel small, like don’t you know?

C&C is also not Hilary Swank who has no children and despite coldly selling out her ex-husband is actually known to be quite lovely to the small people, having been one herself not too long ago, though if I have to hear that story about living in her mother’s car one more time…
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