Gaydar interrupted

There are 2 subjects to this riddle. Both are famous, one more so than the other, and both are actors. One is recognized for award winning prestige projects. The other – umm….not so much. But he does have brawn. And while I don’t appreciate the shoot ‘em up, beat ‘em up genre, there is certainly a market for it. Unfortunately for his legion of female admirers, he prefers sex of the homo variety. And he’s looking for a boyfriend.

For his part, the true thespian has battled gay suspicions for years. I’ve heard it incessantly but I can’t confirm it. Oddly enough, no one in Hollywood knows for sure either. So it’s no surprise that his less talented counterpart decided to hit on him one night recently at a party. And my man came on STRONG. Bad move. Too many people around and not the right approach. He was completely rebuffed. With a room full of witnesses. And it gets worse. The next day, one publicist called the other and issued a stern warning and they also came to an agreement to make sure their clients never cross paths again. And since one dude is clearly more connected than the other, I can assure you that Mr B list was rebuked and ridiculed around town so much that he had to lay low for a while before venturing out in public once again.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Update (3/31/08):
denial 1: Vin Diesel & Tom Cruise
denial 2: Matthew McConaughey
denial 3: Heath Ledger
denial 4: Kevin Spacey
denial 5: Tobey Maguire & Keanu Reeves
denial 6: Jake Gyllenhaal
denial 7: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Meyers, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas
denial 8: Jude Law & Tobey Maguire
denial 9: Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)
denial 10: Colin Farrell, Brendan Fraser & Jared Leto
denial 11: Vin Diesel & Kevin Spacey
denial 12: Colin Farrell & Wilmer Valderama
denial 13: Julio & Enrique Iglesias
denial 14: Russell Crowe
denial 15: Joseph Fiennes
A-list reveal
B-list reveal

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