"A Thick Skin," it's not...


I am guessing for the blind item that the super-hussey is Nicolette Sheridan. Even if it isn't, it feels good to call her a super-hussey! HAHA. Cheers and Happy New Year! P.S. I am very excited Angelina is pregnant. Now we can see if they are going to have the most beautiful human to ever exist or if they are going to spawn the anti-christ. Time will tell.

Dear Jeff:

Don't be discouraged. Many others were thrown off by the word 'desperate' and pointed towards Nicolette. However, it's not her. Think of someone around the same age but who looks much less like a tranny.

As for your excitement about Angelina's pregnancy, I'm so happy to hear that. I was starting to believe that the only people who read my column are racist Aniston freaks and psychos, praying for a miscarriage and wishing ill on their new multi-cultural family. Thank Goddess for sane, well adjusted people like you.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

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