"Late Night Prowling" revealed


Sean Penn has filed for separation from Robin Wright. Again. They did this over a year ago only to reconcile shortly after.

Many are once again pointing to Sean’s Oscar speech in February – with Robin teary eyed in the front row clutching at him before he pulled away, Sean did not mention her at all, explaining on Oprah afterwards that it was “implicit”.

So what did it imply?

Obviously that Sean Penn wants to be single.

He really wanted to be single last year at Cannes. He was the head of the jury and late at night, like 3 or 4am, he’d have two euro floozies hanging off of him like cheese dick styles.

And now he can do it without the guilt… if he felt guilt to begin with.

You know, Madonna is single again too.

On a smutty level, come on admit it, on a smutty level it would make our lives. Only problem is that Sean probably still loves sex. Madonna on the other hand is becoming increasingly asexual. She can only get off these days to Kab.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 8:14 AM