Matching Cheekbones, Matching Blow

It's their love connection - why does it always come back to drugs? She much more famous than he, yet equal in consumption, they're now taking their partying public, not afraid to lock themselves into a stall and shovel away, only to reemerge moments later rednosed and raring to go. The problem now is that he's being accused of being a bad influence when it's more like the other way around: she needs it, he needs her, he went along for the ride, and now he needs it even more. Which is why his friends, his family, his reps…they're urging HIM to make the break before life imitates art, and since she's put him on the map now, it probably wouldn't be a bad thing professionally to make the cut, if only he would listen.

But he adores her. And she adores *it*. And they adore doing it together… A LOT.

Not Heath & Michelle, not Keith & Nicole, not Pete & Kate.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Update (3/29/08):
clue 1
clue 2
denial 1: Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams, Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman, Pete Doherty & Kate Moss
denial 2: Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez, Britney & KFed, Jessica Alba
denial 3: David & Victoria Beckham

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