Favourite Number


And…just to sweeten up your mood, I’m bribing you with another blind item. The last one seemed to be popular. Yes, I will tell if you ask me – cryptically, of course. Much more cryptically than last time. But take a few minutes to think about it first before bombarding my inbox. It’s not so easy this time.

He is an award-winning actor, truly one of the best. Some people adore him. Some people, not so much. And it’s not just the difficult personality. On the set of one of his films, a pretty assistant caught his eye. Although he didn’t make a move throughout the duration of the shoot, he did arrange for her to be around him on many social occasions, just to be around her, to observe her, to fully appreciate her assets. At the end of production, he finally delivered the proposition that you’re all expecting. Except that it wasn’t quite so simple. You see, our superstar wasn’t just asking for himself. He was also asking for his wife. Apparently, 3 is their favourite number.

Thank Goddess the attractive assistant managed to deftly finagle herself out of the situation but I’ve since been told that he picks one per film. And most of the girls don’t escape so easily.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Update (1/30/08):

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