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Ladies’ Room Encounter with That Girl

She’s the girl who isn’t friendly with the other girls when they go out with the guys. In a large group, she rarely speaks to females. Instead, she focuses all of her attention on the men – attempts to impress them by spewing out facts she’s read in the newspaper, verbatim, without much analysis, as they try to look at her breasts. During her last relationship, whenever she was in a multi-couple situation, she’d make no attempt to engage the other women. Rather, she’d spend most of her time flirting with the boyfriends and husbands, careful not to cross the line, but not exactly hiding the fact that her preferred company is male.

But she’s not only not a girls’ girl, she’s also That Girl. The kind of girl who only knows how to put other girls down. She was in the ladies’ room recently at a private event, a private no-fans non-civilian event, standing next to an industry type at the counter. The other woman complimented her on her appearance, something to effect of: that’s a great dress, it looks amazing on you …

And her answer?

Hear this with a sneer:

“Is this the moment when I’m supposed to tell you that you look good too?”

And walked away.

Friends? Please. Her “friends” are either relatives or assistants. Because otherwise, really, why would you ever want to be?

Monday, March 21, 2011 at 6:21 AM

Update (3/10/15):
denial 1 & 2: Katherine Heigl & Kate Hudson
clue 1
denial 3 & 4: Kate Bosworth & Jessica Biel
denial 5: Sienna Miller
clue 2
denial 6: Jennifer Aniston
denial 7 & 8: Anne Hathaway & Olivia Munn
denial 9: Megan Fox
denial 10: Rachel McAdams
denial 11: Kate Bosworth (again)
denial 12: Victoria Beckham
denial 13: Lea Michele
reveal 1
reveal 2

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