"Cheap and Crafty" guess


Worst Couture: Jennifer Connolly

Can you believe it? Selma Blair showed up last night and she actually WASN'T the thinnest girl in the room. No, I'm afraid that illustrious honour goes to Allegra something-or-other (see below). In 2nd place... Jennifer Connolly, who complemented her starving frame with an inexplicably horrible Balenciaga short dress that only Anna Nicole Smith would be proud of. You know, I want to give her high marks for taking a chance...because, believe it or not, I prefer this over a boring old plain black dress a la Aniston, event after event. And if Ms. Connolly had only done something with those lame locks and the pale face, throw them up in dramatic fashion, brighten up the eyes, it would have certainly improved the look. As it is, she looks tired and cheap...like a bridesmaid the morning after, know what I mean? Very disappointing. Very disappointing indeed.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cheap and Crafty
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