Punk Ass Cheap


What’s worse than Rossum? What’s worse than Rossum is a CHEAP celebrity. What’s worse than a CHEAP celebrity are two CHEAP celebrities.

Both successful, both earning millions, both with new projects on the go…both in Toronto last weekend treated to a complimentary dinner at a posh supper club. And leaving only a six dollar tip.


Of course the teenage fan defence will be that stars don’t carry cash. Fair enough. But if you don’t have cash, do whatever it takes – call your farking manager, call your assistant, call your band if you have to, get a few bills and tip the hard working server who has to make your punk asses happy for 2 hours, would you?

As of Thursday, no follow up visit has been made for more generous gratuity.

Un. Forgivable.

But then again, not that surprising. She’s always been a twat anyway. And he’s a twat for loving her.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Update (7/15/08):

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