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Which little Punk Ass…

Was smiley smiley when the cameras were rolling this weekend and sweet as pie in public, with a baby doll voice to match a cute baby doll dress but was an ungrateful little bitch behind the scenes at an awards show?

She turned up at sound check and immediately asked “when can I leave?” Then during her rehearsal she completely screwed up the second half of her set, blaming her poor performance on the keyboards, and the piano, and every other instrument except her voice and the nonsense going on in her head.

She also required the use of a teleprompter. For her own songs!!!

During the telecast, when it became evident she would be going home empty handed, she refused to sit in the audience when her categories were presented, preferring instead to stay backstage even after her performance like a sulky baby. Or maybe she was brushing up on geography. She appears to need a few lessons these days.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008 at 12:50 PM

Update (4/8/08):

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