"A New Low," it's not...


This is going back a while, and maybe I should be a little ashamed that I am thinking about blind items from 2 months ago when I'm supposed to be hard at work (pah!), but still wondering about 'A new low'! Help! If I remember correctly, JLH has been known to have a thing for married men. Could it be her? Would someone ever be the subject of two different blind items? Please throw me a bone over here! My friends and I won't sleep a wink until we figure this one out.

Dear Katie:

A worthy guess. But not JLH. Although I, like everyone else in the gossiping universe, am surprised to all f*cking hell about her success on that ghost talking show, the subject of A New Low is beyond tv. And, to my knowledge, has never had to dawdle below celluloid.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006
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