Meeting at the Spa

There have always been rumblings about his sexual orientation…never anything concrete. Just that, as we all know, any time you’re single for a protracted time in Hollywood and you happen to be as fine and distinguished as he is, people start to whisper. And while I do know for sure that he does enjoy women, even hiring them on occasion, this is the first legitimate hint of the gaygay – for me anyway – that I can report.

Or maybe not. Maybe it means nothing. After all, there can be a THOUSAND explanations behind it, right?

So he’s shooting on location. Co-star flirtation will undoubtedly start swirling…as usual… especially since they’ve supposedly had a past. Anyway, during down time, he heads to the local spa for a massage. Very normal. Except he books a Couples Massage. Also very normal. But is it normal that his partner was his stylist? His male stylist?

Well… since I think he’s totally, totally straight – to me, he’s just a dude with a tight sched. Sometimes you have to take a meeting in the unlikeliest of places. Others in our conservative location town however found it a little unusual though I should clarify – there were no Travolta-like masseur-inspired c*ckstands, thank Goddess.

Oh and one more thing – this male stylist goes everywhere habit? It’s apparently, like, totally a habit. Every location, everywhere, a shadow. I hear this wasn’t the first couples massage. And it won’t be the last.

But again – call me Cruise, as is the case with Jake Gyllenhaal, to me this superstar is 100% into chicks.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Update (7/11/08):

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