"Cuba" red herring


My favourite, favourite story of the day.

So Hugh Jackman and the rest of the Wolverine hotnesses are in Vancouver shooting final scenes. Hugh happens to be working out at the same fitness centre as Kevin Federline Junior who is tagging along with his wife and paycheque Tori Spelling while she films Smallville.

Big love to the girl who actually walked up to Junior at the gym and CALLED HIM JUNIOR!

But that’s not what hurt him the most.

What hurt the most is that Hugh Jackman doesn’t know Junior.

Apparently Junior was trying desperately to make eye contact, situating himself in Hugh’s eyeline, always using the same machines. But Hugh, who is RIPPED, was 1. too focused on his training to pay attention and 2. who the hell is Junior anyway?


So you abandoned your wife, your son, and a newborn adopted baby for a mutt face and a bigger bank account…and Hugh Jackman is supposed to recognise you?

Sit DOWN Junior Federline.

Bet you he’ll find out about this and will orchestrate a photo opp with Hugh by the end of the week. I know you’re reading Junior! And Hugh’s too nice to say no. It’ll be a pity picture. Can’t wait to see it!

So heads up Vancouver. When you run into Junior walking down the street, don’t be shy. Approach him and say Hi. Say Hi to Kevin Federline Junior. That’s his name. Make sure he knows it.

Monday, January 19, 2009 at 10:03 AM


Movie geeks should be excited about these ones.

As mentioned, the cast of Wolverine is currently shooting final scenes here in Vancouver at Stanley Park. Check out Hugh Jackman in costume the other day on set wearing an outfit borrowed from Tim Riggins. This is for the Friday Night Lights fan. Because as hot as Riggins is, that denim jacket with the fur collar from the 80s kills me. Just another reason why FNL is so authentic. Of course Tim Riggins would wear that jacket. Of course he’d get away with it.

Sorry, this was supposed to be about Hugh. Hugh will continue working on Wolverine for a few days before heading to LA to begin rehearsing for his hosting duties at the Oscars. Everyone on set with him, who has encountered him, everyone is in love with him. By all accounts the nicest person ever.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 7:21 AM


Exclusive photos of Ryan Reynolds in Vancouver today working out before heading to the Wolverine set. As you can see, he looks great, clean cut and ripped, and beautiful Hollywood skin. Does he wear foundation to the gym too? Jokes! Chill!

Ryan wraps in a few days and will likely be heading back to LA. Enjoy it while you can Vancouver.

Also a great story about Hugh Jackman. Yesterday my friend Kiu, married to one of my besties Fiona, went for a noon hour workout. Kiu found himself next to Hugh Jackman in the change room. So they started talking. And Kiu told him about the Freebie Five, informing Hugh that Hugh was on Fiona’s Freebie Five, then told him he’d appreciate it if he could get the hell out of town as soon as possible before Fiona was able to make it happen. Hugh loved the story, they shared a good laugh and ABBA was playing on the speakers. He seemed to like that as well.

Point of the story?

1. Hugh Jackman is super nice to regular people and
2. Hugh Jackman paid more attention to my friend Kiu than he did to Kevin Federline Junior, husband of Tori Spelling.


Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 6:03 PM



"Just As She Is" revealed again


Dear Gossips,

Happy Inauguration Day America!

Many of you have emailed, lucky bitches, because you’re going to the balls tonight. Have fun! Washington has turned into Hollywood, celebrity sightings everywhere…which means the entourage follows? Especially where Jennifer Lopez is concerned, right? More on that later.

It’s Tuesday – new posts all day …with Obama breaks in between!

Yours in gossip,


PS. One quick note on the Denise Richards article from yesterday. She was photographed with Pierce Brosnan and word is she was begging him to appear on her dumbass reality tv show. As if Pierce Brosnan, devoted to his wife as she is, would need to slum it with a working girl. Please.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just As She Is