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Game Of Thrones Episode 9 on Sunday. Will the Khaleesi marry that guy? Will Jorah die? Please let him die. I don’t know what the point of that character is anymore. She has Tyrion now. Make Jorah go away. As for Margaery in prison…will old lady Tyrell bust her out of jail? And leave Cersei behind?

Margaery, real name Natalie Dormer, is currently in Serbia evidently shooting a movie with Taylor Kinney, better known as Lady Gaga’s fiancé. Gaga has joined him on location. And the gossip in me is wondering if it’s because Natalie is SO hot. Anyway, they all went out for dinner the other night. I’ve never been attracted to Kinney. Melissa Grelo, my colleague on The Social, thinks he’s super hot. Really?

You know why I can’t get there? Stop reading now if you’re into him and don’t want that to change because I’m about to kill it for you. Sometimes in photos I confuse Taylor Kinney with Gerard Butler. I would rather be on day 2 of my period with serious cramps than play Picture Him On Top Of You with Gerard Butler.

June 5, 2015 at 10:32

Sidepiece on the sidejob


Tom Hardy is an asshole

The Revenant junket happened the other day. Tom Hardy was available for interviews. But, actually, not really. Hitfix’s Drew McWeeny was supposed to interview Tom and was f-cked over. Normally when that happens, we’re too afraid to talk sh-t about the celebrity because we don’t want to be blacklisted by the studios for upcoming opportunities. I’ve written about this many, many times. Hollywood crusades for free speech all the time, so long as the free speech is when you only report positively about their projects, and if you don’t, they have no problem with censorship. So, basically, you just have to accept them pissing in your face. And you return to get pissed on, indefinitely.

More and more though, journalists are calling out the hypocrisy. It’s not so much courage as fatigue. At some point, you just get tired of being kicked in the face. This is what happened to Drew McWeeny. These are his tweets:

I wrote about the Tom Hardy attitude 3 months ago during TIFF. It was raining on the night of the Legend gala. Tom showed up, spent all his time with the fans in the pouring rain, and basically blew off the press. Which, fine, the fans enjoyed. But, as I pointed out at the time, you know who manages to do both? You know who takes the time for the fans and for the media? George Clooney. Tom Hardy using his fans so that he can ditch the media doesn’t mean he’s the greatest. Click here for my post on that incident. This was my final note on Tom’s recalcitrance:

Thing is, when he doesn’t want to be (amenable), he makes it hard for the people who are trying on his behalf to do their jobs. That’s not media either. It’s the people he works with at the studio. It’s the publicists who are there to support the film, the work of the entire cast and crew.

And that’s what Drew McWeeny mentions in his tweets too. He’s seen Tom Hardy make publicists cry – and they’re on his team. I know people on his team, who’ve been assigned to be there for him, to assist him, who are counted on to make sure Tom Hardy performs his publicity duties, who’ve been shouted at by him for because he’s grumpy from waking up too early, or because he’s hungry, or because he needs a coffee, but really because he just doesn’t want to be there. Does that mean he can verbally kick the sh-t out of them?

If you’re a Tom Hardy fangirl, you have an excuse for it, probably. Because the media, we’re lowlife c-nt motherf-ckers and we deserve what’s coming to us, sure. Tom Hardy is well within his rights to make people wait half a workday. He’s a goodlooking millionaire actor who, occasionally, has to sit through a series of dumb questions. That gives him the right to prioritise himself over others.


December 21, 2015 at 10:12

22 September 2015 Smutty Shout-Outs


She’s the more famous one in her relationship but for some reason, I always thought he’d be one who stepped out. When she followed him on location a while back, the assumption was that she went along because his co-star was so attractive. But he’s actually not the one who’s been cheating.

She’s the one who found a new kind of work and picked up a sidepiece. They can’t help themselves on set. Another art imitation of life situation as they creep around and so far it hasn’t gotten back to her bonafide yet but the cast and crew are aware and the guy she’s hooking up with is married. Right now it’s “just” an affair. Like they’re not pretending they’re in love yet. But if (when?) both these couples don’t end up working out, look back to this as a sign.

December 21, 2015 at 7:36 AM

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