"Legendary Tales" reveal


There’s a new book coming out - "Billion-Dollar Kiss: The Kiss that Saved 'Dawson's Creek' and Other Adventures in TV Writing" by Jeffrey Stepakoff with an insider view of what it’s like to write for prime time television including a little show called Dawson’s Creek. DC was of course the crown jewel of the WB, at the time under the purview of John Litvack, an executive with the network who apparently wasn’t a big fan of Michelle Williams.

During a story pitch involving Michelle’s character Jen Linley, Litvack impatiently burst out - "I don't care about that chipmunk-cheeked c**t!”

Chipmunk-cheeked c**t! Now an Oscar-nominated Chipmunk-cheeked c**t!

Had to laugh, even though Michelle Williams doesn’t laugh about much these days. Totally cutting off her fan base, now dealing with rumours from the production of her new movie with Ewan McGregor – no wonder why she’s not smiling.

The scoop – my sources tell me exclusively that crew members are snickering on the set of Incendiary about the inordinate amount of time she has allegedly been spending in Ewan’s trailer. They could, like, totally, totally be running lines but given his lothario reputation and the fact that Heath is shooting Batman is Chicago and has a certain reputation of his own, speculation is rife that Ewan is lending a sympathetic ear…and perhaps more?

But they’re both married... SO not possible, right? Could never happen, right? Never in Hollywood, right?

Still following up, will keep you posted.

Thursday, May 03, 2007 at 12:00 AM
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