"Short and Blind" subject 1 reveal


So you know about the arrest Steven Page of Barenaked Ladies and some skanks somewhere in New York charged with cocaine possession.

F*cking hypocrite.

Family values and squeaky clean and a children’s album and in the end a f&cktard. Not only because of this scandal but because of what happens at home.

Short and blind ring a bell?

As I reported on eTalk exclusively yesterday, Steven Page allegedly also ran off on his wife and kids with a twat he met online. Word is he actually has an “online blackbook” of hook ups from around the world.

And rumour has it, he’s also allegedly been trying to convince his estranged spouse to liquidate all their assets so he can cash out on her.

Hope she takes him out now for every last dime.

Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 12:20 PM
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