"Chocolate" clue


George Clooney has bad taste

Look. I know that despite some rather kinky predilections, the man is almost perfect . I know you want him on the Freebie 5. But something's been holding me back, aside from the fact that he might be just a tad out of my maturity range. The thing is - I think George has really, really bad taste in women. Horrible taste. Low classy taste. Here he is the other night in NY trying to camouflage a hot date with Krista Allen. The same Krista Allen with whom he's had an on again off again thing for 5 years. The same Krista Allen who has verged on soft core porn. And Before and after and in between Krista there was Lisa Snowdon, also a horny lookin' pin up type.

Now George is a hotblooded male so hey, if he's got the flavour for a set of fake tits and some dirty dirty action once in a while - more power to him. But long term relationships with both bunnies? That’s where I get suspicious. So you have one of two choices:

A. he has cheap, low classy taste (and if that's the case, why do you love him so much?)


B. he's gay and is using the big tit, round ass, sexpot on his arm to deflect the scrutiny.

Take your pick.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006