"No one will tell him he sucks" reveal


He said he would climb Kilimanjaro for charity, then his girlfriend decided to tag along, but he got booked for a movie so he backed out, and since she doesn’t get booked for sh-t, she had to keep at it. Along with Emile Hirsch who was confirmed yesterday as the “surprise” celebrity. Buzz kill.

So Jessica Biel left for the week long expedition yesterday after spending the holiday with the Pip in Colorado. Click here for pictures. Just me or does her lip look extra, extra swollen? Is that normal?

Following Shelfy’s departure, Justin was spotted out for lunch yesterday in Hollywood. He’s still working on The Social Network. And if his performance in The Social Network is anything like his performance in The Open Road, well, not even David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin can save that sh-t. Perhaps the acting coach can work wonders.

But have you seen it?

Here. Suffer through 90 seconds of Justin Timberlake trying to act. One of the worst scenes, like, EVER. Christ. It’s full fontrum like you’ve never felt it before.

It’s a good thing this was buried so quickly. Because Jeff Bridges will be up for an Oscar for Crazy Heart. And you know how the voters don’t like to be disrespected by Norbit.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010 at 7:42 AM
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