"Text Harassment" revealed again


This is not Nicole Kidman with black hair. It is in fact Courteney Cox, at the Crystal + Lucy Awards last night where she was honoured for her work on television. Courteney arrived with her husband David Arquette and an ever tightening face. Not as alarming, no, as Nicole Kidman Granny Freeze’s, especially since Cox’s Third Lip protrusion was kept to a minimum, but with many similarities nonetheless, particularly something around the eyes and cheeks, and made even more obvious when she’s posing next to Vanessa Hudgens who is 24 years – a quarter of a century! – her junior and they look practically the same.


Oh right.

It’s all Kinerase. Cox is the spokesperson.

David’s presence at Courteney’s side last night flies in the face of recent reports, courtesy Star Magazine, that Courteney is having an affair with her Cougartown co-star Brian Van Holt. A tryst with a co-star? Never. An understanding with her husband? Of course not. History repeats itself, a different show, the same behaviour? Rdiculous.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010 at 8:14 AM

Text Harassment
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