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"Bad with people" clue

Dear Gossips,

The Weekly LiveBlog is back today at 3pm ET/Noon PT. And also, if you haven’t already, and you can do so once a day, remember to enter the IT Lounge giveaway – a TIFF gift bag valued at $2,000 can be yours... and NOT my ma’s, the greedy Squawking Chicken, who has been calling me every day asking if someone has claimed the prize. Am convinced that there’s an entire generation of Chinese people who don’t understand contest deadlines. Click here for more.

It was a heavy column yesterday. Please scroll down to get caught up if you missed a few posts.

As for Ryan Reynolds – thanks for your emails getting on my ass to post it. The article is coming, I just have to finish writing. Soon though, promise, I haven’t forgotten. Also look out for the one about the beloved host of a popular, but not that popular, show who managed to make everyone hate him – it’s unanimous! – after what was supposed to be a play nice promotional tour. This one broke my heart a little.

Yours in gossip,


Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 7:04 AM

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