"She learns for him, will not leave him" reveal


Matt Damon was married in 2005. His daughter Isabella was born 6 months later. Ben Affleck was married in 2005. His daughter Violet was born 6 months later. Matt Damon has 4 children. Ben Affleck is on his way to 3. So far both are fathers of girls only. I suppose it’s not uncommon for lifelong friends to follow similar paths.

As announced yesterday late afternoon, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are expecting. Their publicist confirmed the news via the Associated Press. Every few months or so, even before JLo left Marc Anthony, people always call for an Affleck/Garner split. It’s been happening for years. The rumours they come from gossip columns, tabloids, and even locals in Boston about how the two are on the verge of separation. For that to be true, we would have to accept that offside behaviour automatically results in a breakup. It’s a naive standard. How many times have you seen, in real life, not even in Hollywood life, the “In Spite Of” situation?

I will stay with her in spite of...

I will stay with him in spite of...

What makes you think that for a celebrity, when so much pride is at stake, and publicly, that it would be any different?

Jennifer Garner worships Ben Affleck. There was NEVER a possibility that he was leaving, and there was never a possibility that she would leave him. Remember these photos of the two at the Critics’ Choice Awards in January? It’s not even Photo Assumption, it’s ANY assumption that says she hangs on his every word. Always has. As for when this baby is due...

They won’t say, it’s never been their style. But... if there’s any celebrity who’d actually throw one of those gross Gender Reveal parties that I told you about yesterday, I feel like it would be Taupe.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 6:45 AM

She learns for him, will not leave him

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