Trailer Visits

Married and mega successful, with several children, but how to account for the gay young things seen coming and going from his trailer during production of his next hit?

They were not part of the crew and they were not there to work… at least not on the film. Word is, he is insatiable and needs variety. Rarely does the same boy visit twice. And rarely are the boys not well taken care of. Though they are not paid professionals, per se, but they are compensated for being pretty and bendy. This is apparently a requirement. All of them have been observed to share the same body type: lean and fresh with short hair and they look like they all “belong in a music video”.

Satisfaction guaranteed on both sides. He gets his and they get trips, clothes, watches, iPods… like a gay holiday year round!

Always tip well to avoid talkers, savvy?

Monday, December 17, 2007 at 8:59:40 AM

Trailer Visits... With His Trainer

Remember him? Click here for a refresher

Looks like his trailer activities have not stopped, although now, instead of a revolving door of visitors, it’s just one on the regular – his trainer with whom he has been spending an inordinate amount of time while working on location for an ongoing project, locked alone behind closed doors for hours. Not training. Not even dressed for training.

Curiously enough, he’s taken to entertaining his trainer not in his own trailer but in his co-star’s trailer, foolishly believing their long sessions would go unnoticed.

Not unnoticed. And actually rather shocking for crew members who until now totally believed his fraud.

Monday, February 11, 2008 at 7:36:49 AM

Update (10/21/08):
denial 1: Johnny Depp
denial 2: John Travolta
denial 3: Tom Cruise & Patrick Dempsey
denial 4: Mel Gibson
denial 5: Eddie Murphy
reveal 1
reveal 2
reveal 3

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