"Trailer Visits" revealed again


It’s no secret in smutty circles – the suggestion has been swirling for years undercover but as is the case with stars of his stature, no one wants to take the risk of openly challenging his alleged heterosexuality. Like his good friend the GMD however, some secrets cannot be stifled.

Will Smith is gay???

Shocker, right?

You mean it’s not Jada in his trailer?


According to Ian Halperin Will was a regular John back in the day, paying for gay sex on the regular.

Fear of risking his career in recent years has pushed him towards the GMD’s Church which is rumoured to be a homo cure-all for celebrities like Will and Tom and that other flying buffoon whose popularity adheres to a distinctly straight line. And as you’ve seen, Will’s off screen activities have reflected an increasingly Scientological slant, including incorporating L Ron Hubbard doctrine at the school.aspx he and Jada founded while continuing to deny his allegiance to the Xenu when all evidence points to the contrary.

Many have wondered also if and just how much the Smiths have donated to the Church and this of course is the GMD’s greatest gift. He may no longer be the Top Gun at the box office but he’s still the man when it comes to recruitment.

All frauds in the family. Chills, chills, chills.

Source Dlisted.com

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 6:56 AM

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