Gay But Broke

Heterosexually attached for a long, long time, he recently faced his inner gay and admitted the truth. His partner apparently took it well. As well as any woman can under the circumstances. She felt much better when she found out how much of the bank account she was entitled to. And given that he was the one walking, and he is the one who’s famous, he’s also the one who has to pay. A lot.

So now he’s broke – relatively speaking. In Hollywood terms, I mean. Lost his job, no work on the horizon, he seriously considered coming out as a way of “reinventing his image”, not for gay rights but because he needs the money. Only problem is, he was told over and over again that “no one will care if you’re gay”.

On the flipside, a fake Hollywood romance with a famewhore like Denise Richards for example won’t fly either since the ex will flip her sh*t and out her himself, preferring to be passed over for a mo over another woman. Me too!

He was encouraged to do Dancing with the Stars but pride got in the way. If things don’t turn around, it’ll be a last resort next season.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 9:50:44 AM

Update (4/29/08):
Denial 1: Brendan Frasier, David Hasselhoff, Matt LeBlanc
Denial 2: Sean Penn, Babyface Edmonds, Eddie Murphy & Tate Donovan
Denial 3: Antonio Sabato Jr, John Travolta & Don Johnson
Denial 4: Vin Diesel
Denial 5: Scott Wolf, James Van Der Beek & Paul Walker
Denial 6: Robert Downey Jr
Denial 7: Jean-Claude Van Damme
Denial 8: Jerry O'Connell

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