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"Clinging to love" clue

Check out a glorious Claire Danes in London for the premiere of Shopgirl this weekend. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous and frail and lonely and torn, all at the same time. You all know who her boyfriend is. You all know how they got together. You all know about the media sh*tstorm that rained down on their relationship when word got out. And even though it’s been a few years since the homewrecking went down, Claire and Billy will never be able to step out officially without revisiting the history behind their love. Up to this point, that was OK. But given that her name is now being tossed about for Oscar contention…well, that changes things a bit, doesn’t it?

Claire is among 6 or 7 women widely believed to be shortlisted for Oscar next year. While Reese and Charlize will probably be the ones duking it out in the end, this would be a huge honour for young Claire, who has worked hard to build an impressive career. Needless to say, Claire is desperate to have Billy along for the ride, to accompany her at these events, to stand by her as she gets to the next level. Unfortunately, she also knows and is reminded every day by her own management team, Steve Martin, the studio, the production company…blah blah blah… that coming out on the red carpet with her boyfriend who she stole from another woman while she was 7 months preggers with his kid would be a complete public relations nightmare. It ain’t happening.

So…The frustration, the shame, the hiding – she’s had enough. And rumour has it, she is seriously thinking about breaking things off. VERY smart move. Even smarter if she could coincide leaking news of the split right around nomination season. I’d say early January, just before the Globes, when Oscar fever begins to build to a frenzy. Remember, in Hollywood, even breakups are coordinated to the very last detail. For more information, see Brad & Jen.

Sunday, October 30, 2005
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