"Testosterone Tantrums" revealed again


Vin Diesel has a girlfriend?!? Vin Diesel had a baby?!?

Even more shocking… there are people who actually STILL care? Amazingly enough, yes…though these days it’s fewer and fewer. This is why he has to make yet another Fast and Furious movie. But if Ebola Paris Hilton can have fans, I suppose Vin Diesel can have fans too. On the subject of Ebola, quick aside… I received an email yesterday from one of her most ardent supporters, Jessica M, who wrote the following. You’ll need to sit down for this:

Pretty much everything you post about lovely Paris Hilton is false. "Desperate to get pregrant," complete empty talk. the fact is that your sources are fake and always have been. you just want to believe what is wrong, and unfortunately, you manage to fool a lot of people... You must be so proud of yourself, but all for you wrong and perverted reasons. It even is shocking that a hideous and obnoxious "expert" is still allowed to be shown on TV.

This is our world, gossips. In this world, there are actually people who would use the word LOVELY to describe the Ebola Virus. Can you f&cking stand it?

Anyway…back to Vin.

So Vin is now father to a baby girl – his baby mother is a model called Paloma Jimenez. Poor woman not only has to cut his sandwiches just so, she now has to satisfy what will likely be a set of outrageous demands for his child.

Hopefully the little girl takes after her mom. Because I’ve always thought Vin Diesel looks like Shrek.

Friday, June 06, 2008 at 7:57 AM
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